why eis ambulatory infusion service?


  • EIS Executive Ambulatory Infusion Center is an Independent Stand-alone Infusion center.
  • EIS Executive Ambulatory Infusion Center works closely with physicians and patients.
  •  Provide Comprehensive assessment of patients with ongoing patient monitoring and reassessment activities throughout treatment
  • Our highly trained Clinical Pharmacist, Registered nurses, Pharmacy Technicians, Medical assistant and staff monitor patients closely to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes and patient safety.
  • We provide services to adolescent, adult and geriatric patients and offer a range of professional services.
  • Assist with Insurance prior authorization processing.
  • All patients signed to All Patient Saving Programs if applicable.
  •  EIS Executive Ambulatory Infusion Center cater to patients with busy lifestyle by making available special appointment hours, including after business hours, weekends, and FREE transportations.
  • EIS Ambulatory Infusion Center is located inside a medical building with onsite physicians.
  •  24/7 Live Support (Cell Phone) access to specially trained nurses and Clinical Pharmacists
  •  A dedicated team of clinical experts stay with your patients for the duration of their therapy

EIS Ambulatory Infusion Center

• Antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-viral medications.
• IV Immune Globulin (IVIG).

• Iron Therapy (Injectafer®, Venofer®, etc.).
• IV Steroids.
• Crohn’s Disease (Remicade®, Entyvio®, Stelara®, Inflectra®, Humira®, Cimzia®, etc.)
• Ulcerative Colitis (Remicade®, Entyvio®, Stelara®, Inflectra®, Humira®, Cimzia®, etc.)
• Simponi®, Ocrevus®, Reclast®, Rituxan®
• Severe Asthma Subcutaneous Injections (Nucala®, Cinqair®, Xolair®)
• Neurological Diseases (Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus)
• Gout (Krystexxa®)
• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Osteoporosis
• Psoriasis
• Chemotherapy Drug Infusion (Coming Soon)

• Alzheimer’s Disease (Aduhelm)

 AT Executive Infusion Services LLC (EIS)
• We operate under the highest safety standards including ACHC Standers, NHIA, and the National Infusion Center Association’s Standards of Care as well as COVID19-specific recommendations from NICA and the CDC.

• All patients, visitors, and staff are screened for symptoms and potential exposure in advance of their appointments and prior to entering our facility. 

• Patients are separated and are in a semi enclosed cubicles.

• Our facilities allow for social distancing [and “we have reduced seating capacity in our treatment area”].
• Our care setting allows patients to continue receiving their treatments while preserving hospital space and resources for the public health emergency. 
• Our Infusion Center is operating under normal hours [And often we have extended hours to limit the number of individuals in the treatment area]. Saturday Hours are offered.

• Seamless transfer of care: we conduct benefit verifications, pre-authorizations, and send treatment notes to allow you to follow-up on patient progress.

• Executive Ambulatory Infusion Center will supply all patients with Masks, Gloves, and Hand sanitizers.                       

 The Executive Infusion Services LLC family is here to support your patients during this difficult time. To refer/transfer a patient or If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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